What we Do

The majority of our current activity still remains around our original core areas of expertise in delivering both individual and group services within the career transition and career development arenas. This includes careers counselling, outplacement support and coaching/mentoring [see an overview of our services]

Our team of consultants has a broad base of expertise which can be harnessed as necessary

Building on these people based services, our portfolio now extends into the fields of other specialist areas of related work. These include diversity, bullying and harassment awareness, stress management and selected HR services such as psychometric and personality assessment, appraisal systems and team-building. Our team of consultants has a broad base of expertise which can be harnessed as necessary

We work extensively in both the private and public sectors and with a number of organisations in the charitable and not-for-profit sectors. We are, therefore, able to respond and adapt to the many different cultures which exist within organisations

When we can help

Typically we can help you:

  • at times of re-organisation, acquisition and merger
  • when individuals or groups need personal/professional development
  • whilst you are introducing new HR/people related procedures

Often when our customer organisations ask us to support individuals or groups of staff they are experiencing periods of change brought about by merger, acquisition or an alteration in business focus. Those staff directly affected may require assistance to prepare to compete for new internal posts within the re-configured organisation or they may be in a potential redundancy situation and need to prepare for seeking alternative employment in the external world. Services can also be offered to any 'survivors' who need to be re-motivated and encouraged to move forward

Individuals are referred to us at different times, often disassociated from any business reorganisation, having been identified as being worthy of an investment in their future. Whether the requirement is for mentoring, management skilling or personal development planning, or even preparing for retirement, we are able to offer a range of 1:1 support solutions

If you are thinking of introducing a new personnel procedure, such as an appraisal scheme, or want to mount an awareness training programme on topics such as recruitment interviewing, managing personal time effectively, understanding diversity and equality issues, or preventing harassment and bullying, we have specialist consultants who can tailor activities to complement your internal initiatives

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