Preparing for Internal Competition

When organisations are experiencing a period of change, brought about by a re-structuring, merger, acquisition etc, there is often a need for existing members of staff to compete for new internal roles. Hurst has successfully offered support to many individuals facing such scenarios

We are happy to work with our client in adapting the content to match the planned selection process

All services provide guidance on preparing any documentation that the organisation requires applicants to complete (and we work with our clients to understand their paperwork and processes) and will offer coaching and advice on preparing for and attending interviews

Senior staff are normally dealt with individually. Partly because the peer group is relatively small and they are often the direct competition for the post! Also, the advice given needs to be particularly tailored to the individual circumstances of each person. How many sessions are offered depends upon the timescales, budget and individual needs of applicants. However, a series of four 1:1 sessions to help clarify options, craft applications and rehearse interview techniques is often about right

With more junior staff, Hurst usually delivers 1 day group activities supported by some 1:1 follow-up. This allows for the theory of good application writing and interview performance to be delivered to groups during which no personal concerns having to be addressed. We are happy to work with our client in adapting the content to match the planned selection process

We would recommend that each workshop attendee be offered at least one follow-up 1:1 session to ensure understanding and to address any personal issues

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'my consultant’s help and support has been invaluable this year. She has helped rebuild my confidence and given me the tools to review my options and gain a new position'

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