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At Hurst we regard diversity work as an integral part of our offering as a consultancy

At Hurst we regard diversity work as an integral part of our offering as a consultancy and we have an established track record across all business sectors. We believe that Diversity should be a core organisational capability that enhances performance, credibility, representation and accountability. Embracing and harnessing Diversity requires vision, tenacity and time. Progress is sometimes beset with obstacles and setbacks; at best, it is often slow or sidelined by other priorities

Hurst offers a number of different options from Inquiry and Audit, to Training Design and Delivery. We work in partnership with our clients to develop the interventions that best deliver the outcomes you require. Activities include:

  • Audit and inquiry - allowing an organisation to take stock and enabling us to learn about current practice to understand how key stakeholders experience the issues
  • Capacity building - ranging from building diverse leadership to developing stakeholder groups and champions and development programmes for key staff groups
  • Diversity training workshops - often involving the use of actors and storytelling. These workshops provide a stimulating, surprising and exciting experience for participants and helps to change perspectives and practice

Our specialist Consultants are also able to provide ‘boutique’ inputs. Talk to us about your particular needs within this field and Hurst will be happy to help

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