Coaching & Mentoring

How does Hurst define Coaching?

We believe it is a supportive relationship which is designed to improve an individual’s performance. Coaching is directly concerned with the development of skills and changes in behaviour, typically through a series of tutoring, questioning and goal setting discussions. This process is set up to tap into the coachee’s potential to enable them to learn quickly and to perform at a higher level. Coaching unlocks a person’s potential in order to maximise their achievement

the length of the relationship... commonly lasts for a year and can be longstanding

How does Hurst define Mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship that assists the mentee in developing strategies to address primarily business or personal issues. Complex decision making requires careful, informed thought; senior people may have difficulty in finding a trusted and experienced ‘sounding board’ with whom to share. With a Hurst mentor providing input from their own experiences, the mentee can explore the available courses of actions, and confidence to implement the chosen solution. Whilst the length of the relationship may not be set at the outset, it commonly lasts for a year and can be longstanding

Our Approach

It is more usual to think of mentoring for senior managers and above as it addresses the mid-term and a more strategic agenda and to think of coaching for all staff levels where it has a focus on the shorter term career directions and skills development to enhance their work contribution

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'I want to extend a really big thank you for the coaching that you gave me which has brought me to this opportunity for a fulfilling and rewarding post. The exercise where we looked at what was important to me in considering different posts, I found really useful and crystallised my thoughts'

Regional Manager – April 2011

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